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Republic property maintenance provides a fully managed commercial and domestic property maintenance service encompassing all aspects of property repairs and maintenance in the London area. Contact us now to get a free quote on any of our services:

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As a property owner, either as an individual, commercial business or organisation, a prerequisite for protecting the value of what is most likely your largest asset is a structured schedule of property maintenance. Without regular maintenance to your property, exposure to the elements and general wear and tear will degrade and depreciate the value of the building. Our managed property maintenance scheme enables a degree of damage limitation, expenditures to be spread more evenly and replacement overheads sufficiently reduced. Regular maintenance usually reduces the need for high-cost maintenance elements such as building services, re-roofing, or structural repairs. It really makes sense to have a comprehensive service provider like ourselves to manage everything for you, from gutters to paintwork to system checks, working on a monthly, quarterly or an annual basis.

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Proactive and reactive maintenance services you can depend on

Using republic means that you will have a dedicated team of qualified professional contractors providing both a proactive and reactive service which will ensure that your commercial or residential property is fully taken care of. If your property faces an immediate need for repairs, such as a leak or power failure, we can provide a call-out service to solve the problem. By the same token we will also be proactive in our regular maintenance visits by pre-empting possible problems with your building. By performing regular maintenance checks based on a property inspection checklist we aim to ensure all aspects of your property are taken care of. This reduces the likelihood of any major works being required and so can prove a very cost effective means of preserving the integrity of your premises.